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Viralurl Review – Is This List Builder A Waste Of Time?


ViralURL is the preferred choice list builder for many leading internet marketers, however the big question that really must be answered is will this list builder really work for you? Today’s review highlights what benefits “if any” will have on your internet business

ViralURL is a system which allows you to mail out 3000 emails of your preference with the touch of a single button. The system was created by Frank Bauer and Colin Klinkert in 2001 and was specially designed for marketers to form a list of associates who will develop into paying customers or representatives. Knowledgeable marketers frequently use online tools like opt in web pages which means prospects have a position to enter their email address when requesting additional information on the product/service. ViralURL does the hard work of distributing all the emails, your duty is to just make sure you create compelling emails which stand out and encourage the reader by clicking onto your website and opting in you can then provide enormous significance to their business. For plenty of marketers this tactic really does work and they are able to receive lots of leads with each mail out. Lots of marketers have so much success with ViralURL that they even have several accounts sending over 18000 emails each week.

Everybody who receives an email from you has already agreed to the emailing terms with their membership so would not be thought as spam. ViralURL has more than 70000 members and growing each day. Membership can range from free to platinum which comes with varying benefits. The free package gives you the opportunity to build up credits which can be exchanged for emails. Each time you accept emails from others within the ViralURL population clicking their links will build up the credits for you. To be absolutely honest using this option can be very time consuming, annoying and you do not get the true benefit that the system has to offer (speaking from experience). The actual value is in the $197 12 month gold upgrade. This allows you to sit back and click away emailing thousands of emails at a time.

I’m sure you have heard of the slogan “the money is in the list”, this is a vastly true declaration and with ViralURL you can achieve list growth at a degree of which you possibly will have not experienced in the past. After using this system for some time I have found this to be a very useful tool, the quality of leads you find are usually individuals who are already marketers generally in search of solutions to whatever problems they may possibly face, this means the people you associate with are ready to take action if you have the right offer.

ViralURL additionally has a URL cloaking preference which is used to purely shorten and/or disguise your URL’s in order for it not look like an affiliate link. Many marketers online receive promotional emails daily with sales pitches trying to get the reader to click on their affiliate links, cloaking is one way to disguise the link. This frequently increases the probability of someone clicking the link.



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