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Watch Online Movies Online for Free


Bootleg online movies are not something new. Everybody who loves watching movies, would prefer to see them free.  Of course there are people with a great conscience who realize that the people who put these great movies out are receiving no money when we watch these movies online for free. While this may be a moral dilemma for some, it is not for me.

The act of watching great online movies online could result in fatal retributions for your computer. Most free online movie services are only free because they have so many visitors that they can sell ad space on their website, hence providing a free service to the user. The problem with this is, all computer viruses implemented today are done so with the sole purpose of making money. The pop-up ad is the main cause of 90% of viruses, the hacker sends a virus through pop-ups and makes your computer seem infected with problems and then the virus tells you that their program can fix the problem for a small fee.

So how do we get safe movies for free? the only safe way to get new movies on your computer is to join a movie sharing service. These sharing sites are great because they don’t rely on ad space for income, they rely on new users joining their service. It is actually a great thing if you love online movies because you can see movies within a week of them being released at theatres. I don’t know about you but I feel safer when I can trust that a website will not allow pop-up ads displayed to their users. i also feel a little more comfortable watching movies online when I pay for the service, mainly because I know that these sites usually have not broken any laws, cause they would otherwise be hurting their business.

For a good online movie program for a cheap one-time price I would suggest stream-onlinemovies.com. or you can check out some other sites on your own. Just remember, If you love watching online movies for free, sooner or later your computer is going to get a bug. Please Use someone you can trust and so what if you have to pay a small fee.  The safety for your computer is worth it. Anyways, have fun out there and happy movie watching. We are all movie buffs in some way so give yourself a break from spending lots of money at the theatre and just stay home.



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