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What Are Healthy Snacks For Teenage Girls?


As girls get to their teens their bodies begin to change and they have certain dietary requirements of their food.  Some kinds of food items tell you they are low-calorie and therefore good for your wellbeing, but often they are no superior to any others.  Enjoying Natural yogurt and some nuts including walnuts, pistachios, almonds and cashews can help sustain your energy without gaining weight. Vegetables and fruits are normally a safe choice, so if you’re starving hungry perhaps a slice of bread with cheese might help. Anaemia can be a problem for young girls in their teenage years, so ensure that their diet program includes plenty of iron rich vegetables.

What are yummy and healthy snacks that will not put on the weight?

Most teenage girls are aware of how much they weigh so don’t want to add any excess weight. Eating too late in the evening hours will cause acid reflux and can lead to weight gain, so if you’re watching your weight make sure you do not eat too late in the evening.  Don’t eat anything with peanut butter as it is far too high in calories for a snack, and try to consume snacks in small amounts. Popcorn without butter is alright, however try to eat snack foods of a regular size – it can really help you to never over snack. When you are really trying to lose weight, it’s a good idea never to snack at all and merely eat practical amounts at meal times; drinking plenty of fluids and chewing gum may help.

A carton of yoghurt is often a good snack but be sure the low-calorie yogurt drinks never contain high amounts of sugar, even if it is concealed as fructose syrup. Drinking a glass of semi skimmed milk can satisfy you and is not going to add lots of calories, and if you can find stoneground wheat bread that’s really worth trying as well.  The kind of ingredients which were common before refined food started to be available are the things which you should be looking to eat.

I’d rather not eat healthy snacks if they will make me feel sluggish

Everyone knows what teenage girls are like for chatting and eating, so if you are arranging a get-together or having a sleepover don’t eat the sort of snack that can leave you feeling bloated or sluggish the next morning.  Carbohydrates are important in teenage girls’ diets as they supply energy, and girls burn off plenty of energy with all the activities they do in their teens. It is a fact of life – you will need carbs to give you energy if you play plenty of sports activity, dance or perhaps work out.

Basically, everything that could be considered healthy food will do the job, but avoid oily or sweet foods and don’t eat an excessive amount. Eating a great deal or too little of anything will make you feel sluggish the next day, so it is sensible and crucial to eat reasonably. Your instincts are quite trustworthy; you should rely on your own reasoning where the diet is concerned, and consuming little and often is truly the ideal course of action.


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