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What Gay Men Want In A Relationship


 Gay relationships have a lot of similarities with heterosexual relationships. Gay men like to have meaningful relationships though they face challenges that all men face on the dating scene. Naturally men are not socialized to be intimate since this is perceived as weakness. Gay men who enter into relationship also have to contend with worries about promiscuity of their partners. Intimacy requires vulnerability which is not easy since men who are gay often get exposed to negative cultural messages. This emanates from the fact that gays are treated shamefully by the society which makes it hard to be vulnerable. At times gay men get harassed and bullied for not conforming to the standards of the society.

What gay men want in a relationship is to be completely comfortable with their sexual partners who are willing to stand up for practices in public. Most gay couples often struggle with internalized homophobia which often pulls their relationship down unless the two parties are willing to come out openly. Successful gay relationships are based on the fact that the two parties are comfortable in the relationship no matter which setting they are in. This includes shopping at the local store or even attending social gatherings. Sometimes gay couples feel intimated by a mixed crowd and would rather be with their own. Such gays couples have to own up to the fact that unless they are able to feel uninhibited and free then they can not truly feel liberated which is important for them.

Great relationships are based on shared interests and hobbies however there should be some differences so as to offer the mystery and variety required in any ideal relationship. Gay men understand that no one wants to have a carbon copy of whom they are in a relationship. It is crucial for the two parties to have some mutual understanding and value system so as to be to able to cope with each other. Comparable value and shared interests form the basis of highly fulfilling relationships since these are the foundation of any successful couple.

What gay men want is to enjoy affectionate and non-sexual aspects of a relationship in their daily lives such as verbal strokes, cuddling, spontaneous touch and massage with their partners. These couples should understand that it is important to keep a passionate sexual connection by means of pleasurable sessions. Gay men enjoy some sessions which are not only energetic but also fulfilling. These men have to stoke the fires of sexual intimacy in their relationship which is an important aspect of their lives. It is important for these men to meet the needs of their partners as well as expect their needs to be met in equal measure.

It is important for gay men to have devoted time for nourishing relationship but also pursue individual interests. Individuality in both gay singles and couples is important since every person wants to be able to have some sense of identity. If a couple does not create time for individuals to have their own time both parties end up feeling too suffocated. Allowing the gays to have a balance between couple and individual identity helps them to bring in some freshness and creativity to the relationship. This has the effect of enhancing partner support and inspiring personal growth in the couple which is good for the relationship. Such support is also crucial in assisting the couple to set goals in life without feeling insecure about the relationship.



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