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What is Human Growth Hormone?


Hormones are generally protein based and they stimulate growth. When we observe some disabilities in the body, hormonal imbalances are behind them. Hormones are made up of amino acids, polypeptide hormone, somatrophine and somatotrophine. These hormones responsible for growth are called as HGH (Human Growth Hormones). Their function is very complicated and there is a lot of scope for research in the field.

Some of them are known to humans and we can replace or implant them to avoid some complexities in the development. For example:

Hormones help our body to develop properly:

Those are responsible for:

Height weight growth

Sexual development

Reproductive ability

Aging process.

Height weight increase:

“Placental lacto gel” is responsible for physical growth of the body. It functions in full gear in the adolescent period, such HGH, increases muscle mass, bone density, energy levels. Skin tone and texture is also a result of their function.

Sexual growth function and immune system development are some of the important functions of H.G.H.

Polypeptide hormones are anti fat – soluble.

These HGH divide and multiply the chondrocvtes of cartilage which causes weight gain.

IGF -1 or Somatimedin C)is responsible for bone growth.

Other effects of HGH on the body:

Immune system stimulation.

Protein synthesis process.

Internal organs development. (Except the brain)

Responsible for calcium retention, mineralization of bone.

Muscle mass is increased with the help of sarcomere hyperplasia

Fuel homeostasis is carried by HGH force.

Gluconeogenesis is promoted in the liver.

Excesses of the HGH create deficiencies like: Impair vision Heaviness of jaw or its extra increased size, sweating Pressure on nerves. Tumors developing tendency. Reduced sexual urge etc are some ?


In childhood, the lack of these hormone gland productions causes slow growth development and short height. The sexual maturity is delayed in some cases.

How to avoidhormonal imbalance:

If you find such imbalance, immediately consult your doctor. There are some treatments available to implant such hormones. Those are very useful in WEIGHT reduction especially in adults. So, know the functions of hormones to measure your growth.



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