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What Is It For You In A Relationship Led By The Wife


In a relationship led by the wife, the husband allows the wife to take full control of the relationship simply because they like it that way. There are men who allow the wife to decide for main things. Some are totally submissive while others like to maintain some supremacy in the relationship.

In most cases, men like to do everything that their wives tell them and agree accordingly. They really like to serve their wives and lead a relationship led by the wife.

It is appealing to them and they become submissive in their sex lives too.

If you anticipate the needs of your wife and participate fully in the household chores, knowing that your wife is authorized over you, you are in real wife led relationship. Furthermore, your wife may tell you that you are doing a nice job without thanking you.

Some women do like it while others do not. It may not be easy for her to take control of the relationship as well.

Women who have been accustomed with traditional role models of husband-wife may find it tough to take financial responsibilities and other major decisions.

If your wife is having such difficulties, then you need to compromise. You can do some tasks on certain days for different portions of time and you can thus exchange like this.

Maybe you are not in a wife led relationship and you would like to. You can start putting yourself in this situation and see if your wife likes it or you may write about how you feel and give the letter to your wife if you do not know how to ask her.



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