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What is True Intimacy? Why You Should Spread Your Love Like Wildfire to Save Your Relationship


Many people are confused about the answer to the question what is true intimacy? A majority of people believe that true intimacy is unlikely in a relationship that is open.

If you do not care for monogamy, fidelity as well as loyalty with one special individual you will not be able to feel abiding, deep and true connection. Such people will find it difficult to surrender to the feelings of wholehearted openness and utter abandon which is what true intimacy is all about.

If you do not like exclusivity you will never be able to experience how it feels like to be wonderful, forget being consummately so. If you do not feel comfortable, safe and at ease with your partner that will allow you to be vulnerable you will never be able to experience unabashed ecstasy, sexually, spiritually, ultimately.

You might find the sex good. You might enjoy the act but you will never find out how good it can really get if you haven’t experienced sex with all your heart, the type of deep heart that only true intimacy can bring about.

What is true intimacy? One will only be able to discover this, unveil and experience it when one has taken the time with understand one’s partner and to care to really know and feel one another, unabashedly, openly, intimately with no holds barred.

You could spread yourself as well as your love around. It would feel great. You would feel as if you were making place for even more love. But what you would actually be doing is just spreading it.

It is not that love is a small quantity and there will not be much of it to spread. It is not like that but true intimacy can be actually felt it is at the center of your being and results in an inner intensity that one can experience through a bond between two people who are really in love.

Imagine how it would be to feel safe and full of trust for that one special person to whom you can bear everything completely, spirit, heart as well as body. You could let yourself go, be completely vulnerable when you are in the presence of your loved one whom you completely adore and who completely adores and loves you too.

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