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What Makes Men Fall In Love


When do men fall in love? There is no specific time, age or reason that answers this question fully. Love is after all, a feeling that simply happens. Then again, there are basic female attributes that men look for. Men can be motivated to fall in love.

Some widely known aspects on what makes men fall in love are provided below —

#1: Physical Attraction

Appearance is probably the first thing that men notice. Sometimes it’s a specific body part (as a shapely figure or long legs). Sometimes, it’s a strikingly beautiful face, with asymmetrically balanced parts. Sometimes, it’s plain sex appeal. Whatever the physical attraction, once a man’s interest is piqued by a woman, he’ll want to stay and get to know her better. Some easily visible features include: healthy long hair, unusually colored eyes or well-rounded breasts and derriere.

#2: Virtues

If a man is brought up in the faith, he would have learned about Christian values. In this case, seeing the woman of his dreams in action – practicing amazing virtues as charity, temperance or courage – can trigger love. When looking for a good woman to bring up his children, he’d look for someone who is virtuous. It would be easy enough for him to fall in love with his concept of the ideal woman. He can envision life with her, as his wife and the future mother of his kids — she, who embodies his hopes and dreams of family life.

#3: Abilities or Talents

What abilities or talents do men look for in women? Should she be good at cooking? Should she have a singing voice? Should she be a graceful dancer? What makes men fall in love in this case?  

Women with special abilities or talents can be seductively appealing. Some examples of this are provided below:
-When a man falls in love with a woman who expresses her feelings through music. He may even claim she’s his soul mate (pointing to her music that speaks to his soul).
-When a man falls in love with a woman who’s a good cook; who can give him more than his fair share of gastronomic delights.

#4: Views

A woman’s views may be fascinating for particular men. Exciting and stimulating discussions may be had from such a woman. No silent or dull moment here. Common or differing views may be political, social or even spiritual in nature. In this case, a man falls in love with an intelligent lady, who can speak her mind and stand her ground.

#5: Common Interests

A woman who enjoys what men do can be charming. Take for example a man who enjoys the outdoors, he will logically want a woman who also enjoys exploring nature. Another example is a man who travels often, he will want a woman who is just as adventurous as he.

So going back to what makes men fall in love? In as much as reasons differ from male to male, you can’t get an answer that applies to all. One thing’s for sure though – if a woman catches a man’s eye and he responds to her call, she has his full attention… She should thus wisely use this to her best advantage.



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