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Who Said It?: Fun Bible “Quotes” To Tickle Your Funny Bone


The Bible is the perfect Word of God.  It is filled with wonderful and not so wonderful people who encountered a lot of different situations.  And although the Bible is perfect, I think God might have left out a few quotes here and there.  For example, don’t you think Jonah could have easily said, “Being in that whale sure was stinky!” or can’t you just hear Zaccheus say, “Climbing up sycamore trees is lots of fun especially when you’re short like me.”  I think it’s highly probable such sentences escaped from these Bible characters’ mouths.

Why not throw some of the following “quotes” to your kids and see whether or not they can guess who was the famous Bible person who said it.  Here’s a list to get you started:

1. “I should never have eaten the fruit from that tree!”  (Adam or Eve)

2. “OK, Jesus!  Here I go!  I’m going to walk on water.”  (Peter)

3. “Goliath is big, but my God is bigger!” (David)

4. “Baptizing people was great, but eating those crickets gave me stomach ache.”  (John the Baptist)

5. “Boy, those lions really needed breath mints!”  (Daniel)

6. “How come no one else has a coat of many colors?”  (Joseph)

7. “OK, men!  Make sure you bring comfortable shoes when we get to Jericho!”  (Joshua)

8. “Oh, Samson!  Could you hand me those scissors please?”  (Delilah)

9. “Rachel, you know Jacob doesn’t like to eat dinner before 6pm.”  (Leah)

10. “Hey, Esau!  I made your favorite stew!”  (Jacob)

11. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you children today!  Why can’t you be more like your brother, Jesus?”  (Mary)

12. On a serious note:“I died on the cross for your sins.”  (Jesus)

Don’t forget to include the two quotes I gave you in the first paragraph and you’re in for some laughs.

Can your kids think up other fun quotes?



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