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Why Do Women Cheat on Their Husbands? The Answer Revealed!


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Women today are responsible for initiating around 60-69% of all divorces and the major cause of these unfortunate increases can be traced to basic infidelity. Female infidelity is definitely on the rise for certain reasons. Women are cheating and relationships are ending because men and women lack the necessary information needed to survive. Here are the 3 factors contributing to women who cheat…

Problem #1: Lack of Emotional Intimacy

Women over time will begin developing emotional walls towards their husbands. It can be from many things such as financial stress, emotional or physical abuse, not spending enough quality time with each other or even religious or social habits & backgrounds. The list is endless but all equally deadly to a marriage if not recognized.

Problem #2: Lack of Self Esteem

This one is difficult because low personal self esteem can stem from many things. Childhood issues, abandonment issues, bad previous relationships and maybe just basic character flaws. Another reason why women cheat on their husbands is because they get a “natural high” from the other man giving them attention. It gives them the feeling of being “Alive again.” It’s new to them and it is fun but unfortunately it is not real. It’s a mirage and will not last over time! They fall in love with the “High” of the affair, not the actual man.


Here is the solution to getting your ex back. These steps are important and need to be followed. Seek help from a trained therapist in the field of infidelity who can actually help. Do not attempt to fix this yourself. It has gotten this bad for a reason. I am guessing that your wife has tuned you out, even if you are right. They need to hear a 3rd party expert that they can trust and believe. That voice is not yours right now. If saving your marriage is that important to you then this is your best option, believe me! Also, in this stage of your relationship, try to be a friend again through support, patience and some respect even if you are the one who is truly hurting right now. She will eventually learn to love and trust you again if you exercise enough patience with her. I recommend individual and joint therapy because infidelity is painful on both sides.

Infidelity can be beaten! I am here to tell you that, you can do it. You are in the middle of a fight for your marriage right now…so fight for it! While you two go through this, hold onto the great times that the two of you have shared together in the past, but also look forward to making new ones with her in the future.

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