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Why Genital Herpes Infection Symptoms Are Sometimes Misdiagnosed


Knowledge of the genital herpes infection symptoms will help people to understand the disease and empower people regarding the precautions that can be adopted to prevent this. Consulting with a medical professional is critical in order to prevent the condition from spreading. A doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and give the appropriate treatment to cure this.

Two to twenty days is how long it takes symptoms to manifest. This is after contact has been made with an infected person. Thereafter the signs could persist for up to fourteen days. Mild cases may not alert the person to the condition at all. Some people may experience this to a lesser degree, especially if they suffer from cold sores. This is a herpes virus strain. These people are in part immune to this.

Sores may be visible while at the onset of the condition. These sores could last for up to fourteen days. The first outbreak of this is usually the most severe. This is because the body has no antibodies with which to fight the disease. Other symptoms could appear and be wrongly diagnosed as a different illness.

The skin cells are attacked by the virus, it is here that it multiplies as it reproduces. Because of this, the skin becomes red and bumpy. The genital area can become infected with blisters and bumps. They may be painful and will eventually form a scab and a crust. Eventually, the sores will be healed and disappear. This is because the skin regenerates new skin tissue.

This causes painful tingling itching and burning lesions around the genital area. Lymph glands may become swollen and the sufferer may experience fever, muscle ache and headache. There could also be a discharge through the vagina or the man’s organ. Burning on urination may also occur.

Sixty percent of people with genital HSV will experience viral shredding. They do not know they have the condition as no symptoms are experienced. This does not prevent the spreading of the condition. This can happen via sexual contact. Recurrence of the virus is possible, the symptoms will be shorter and less severe than the first time. Most often warning signs (prodromal) will come before the outbreak of sores happens. Neuralgia after the attack is often experienced. This means there is residual pain or discomfort in the region once the virus has gone.

If a person experiences any of these genital herpes infection symptoms, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Treatment will commence after a conclusive diagnosis has been made. Anti-inflammatory medication, which is non-steroidal, is effective for pain relief and healing of the sores.



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