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Win Your Girlfriend Back After You've Been A Jerk


Well what was it? Did you neglect her? Were you selfish? Oh no, did you cheat? Well whatever it was, you are looking at an uphill grind. But you can do it. It is never easy to win your girlfriend back after you have been a jerk. If you are totally serious about getting her back, then you should take a little time for some self examination. You must reflect upon the past and set goals for the future. Now I know this sounds like advice from some sort of guru, but problems are easier solved with a good plan.

While you sort things out, it is best to cut off all contact with your girlfriend. I know, you’re saying “how can I win my girlfriend back if I don’t talk to her”? Take it easy. It is only while you get your head cleared up. Besides, and I don’t want to give you any false hopes, but there is an outside chance that she will miss having you around. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Never the less you must be realistic so don’t count on it. Getting your head screwed on straight is your primary objective.

A good way to get your mind off of winning your girlfriend back is to hang out with your friends. Go out and find something to do. By the way, if you steer your pals to one of your girlfriend’s hang outs hoping to “accidentally bump into her”, you will definitely blow it. Let her have her space and friends or you will never get her back.

Ok back to getting your head straight. If you were neglectful, didn’t take her out much, forgot her birthday and stuff like that, then you have to work on that behavior. No self respecting woman will put up with that kind of thing. Your girlfriend probably wants you to make a fuss over her. Parade her around town and show everybody that you are proud to be with her.

The same thing goes for if you spent too much time out with your friends and leaving her to sit at home watching t.v.. If you are absolutely sure that you want to win your girlfriend back after you’ve been a jerk, then you will have to think of her wants and needs more than your own. And it wouldn’t hurt to clean up some. Your girlfriend won’t want to be seen around town with a slob.



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