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Word Of Mouth Marketing – Why It Is One Of The Most Effective Form Of Advertising


Word of mouth marketing continues to endure as the most effective form of advertising. Sharing enthusiasm with a friend or loved one carries more weight and sincerity than any form of marketing can provide. This is the reason so many businesses seek to spur the natural discussion of their products and services.

Research has shown that products and services, including web sites, that present an emotional connection to a consumer are those most likely to succeed at word of mouth marketing. If you can associate a high-impact emotion with your web sites presentation, it is a great way to inspire word of mouth advertising amongst your potential customers. Consider the gamut of possibilities: sympathy, sadness, delight, shock, surprise, intrigue. A bevy of possibilities exist for those seeking to incite an emotional response from their web site visitors.

Creating such a presentation requires multimedia impact. Technologies such as Flash and streaming video can help to create an effective method for an emotional impact. Turn your attention towards effective visuals rather than sound in order to ensure you do not intrude on user preference. Many site visitors do not desire to hear sounds they did not request upon entering your site.

If you cannot create an emotionally impactful presentation, consider inciting word of mouth by inviting user participation. Creating insightful news and information using a blog is one way to inspire both a sense of community and inspire word of mouth marketing. If a user feels enfranchised by your blog, they will not only spread their enthusiasm via word of mouth, they will also return to your site again and again.

Blog comments can be used to gather competitive intelligence that can lead to further word of mouth interaction. Once you begin to understand the preferences and expectations of your users, you can tailor your web site presentation and marketing to suit their interests. This will lead to greater interaction and a consistent, prolonged enthusiasm for your brand by your users.

In the old days, word of mouth advertising was the type of marketing you could only hope to incite.

However, today if you take strides to viralize your web site today, youre sure to make your customers lips move in the near future.

One simple way to do this is to offer a simple tell a friend method, that not only creates many ‘told’ friends, but also incentifies the ‘teller’ into telling more than just one friend.



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