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Writing a Great Online Dating Profile – A Woman’s Guide


You have joined an online dating service. Now you must write that all-important dating profile. You know, the one that will the attract attention of the man of your dreams. Where to start? What to write?

Maybe writing isn’t exactly your cup of tea. Relax, you can do this.

Get a pen and paper ready, or open your typing document. You are going to make a draft online dating profile. Really, it’s not that hard.

The picture is the FIRST thing men see. Post a good snap-shot that depicts the real you, now (not ten years ago). And please smile. Some online dating sites even provide you with a list of photographers in your area that specialize in online dating site photos.

Be honest. Maybe you once had a super-model figure, but if you don’t look that way now, don’t say you do. Nothing ruins a would-have-been great relationship than to be caught with a lie.

Next, create an attention-grabbing headline. Make it short, descriptive and catchy. A good headline should build interest and make someone want to read more. It might help to study headlines in other personal profiles and see which ones attract your attention.

Describe the type of person you are looking for, without being excessively demanding. Stating that you want the man to be six-feet tall, handsome and with at least $100,000 income will only turn men off.

When describing the kind of man you are looking for go beyond physical attributes. Go for personality and qualities.

Now, describe yourself. Know and say what you want. Remember that you are looking for that man who will like, or better still, love you; the real you. All the same, avoid “this is me whether you like it or not” attitude.

Don’t be overly suggestive as this might give someone the wrong impression. And don’t hype yourself: An over-blown ego is a quick turn-off.

Be as descriptive as possible about yourself as possible. If you love cats and will always want to own one or more, someone who hates cats or is allergic to them is not the guy for you.

Tell the things what makes you unique. If you play the piano well, you really want Mr. Right to appreciate it. If you are a gym rat, a couch potato may not be a good match. If you love art, you really don’t want a man who thinks Picasso is an ice cream flavor.

Don’t forget that you are “talking” to strangers. Don’t reveal too much about yourself. Creating a little mystery might even help.

Never give information that might reveal your real name, place of work or address in a dating profile.

Once you have your draft profile ready, clean and polish it. Correct any grammatical and spelling errors. Keep the tone conversational and personal. Invest some reasonable time in building a great online dating profile. It could reward you, big.



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